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Just submitted my econometric project today. My life in the past 10 days was filled with literature review, data collection and organization, and repeating the process all over again when I messed up any of the steps. A classmate noted that the data he analyzed tortured him until he confessed. For me, it seems like I fell in a relationship with my data (the love-hate type): getting to know them intimately and dream about them, managing and making sure everything’s right, and ‘torturing’ them tenderly to suit my purpose (actually my relationship went pretty well, and I get most of what I expected without much sinful mining). I always think macroeconomic findings are tenuous with so many noises around and factors not being able to account for. Most importantly, there’s just one timeline, so we can’t compare different possibility that might have occur, everything’s just about fitting the world with the glasses we wear. Though I’ve little faith in the results, I find the research process quite enjoyable, and being able to use real world data to test some underlying theory is fascinating.


Despite busy working on my project, I came across an old Japanese film by Ozu called Tokyo Story, which I found to be very nice. It’s a slow pace movie and address some simple truths in life. Here’s a review of the firm.



A lot of people have made a summer reading list, and here’s what I plan to read after my exams.




The Libertarian Reader: Classic and Contemporary Writings from Lao Tzu to Milton Friedman—David Boaz


On Liberty and Other Essays—J.S. Mill


Knowledge and the Wealth of Nations: A Story of Economic Discovery–David Warsh


Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance–Perry Mehrling


The Modern Firm: Organizational Design for Performance and Growth–John Roberts


What’s It All About? Philosophy and the Meaning of Life—Julian Baggini


Stumbling on Happiness—Daniel Gibert




Nausea–Jean-Paul Sartre


The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress–Robert Heinlein


Atlas Shrugged–Ayn Rand


The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten: And Ninety Nine Other Thought Experiments–Julian Baggini



There are also tons of films I plan to watch, but for now, economics textbooks seem to be all that I need.

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Fwd article sources

A friend of mine asked me recently where did I get my source for the articles I forwarded, so I think it’s a good idea to list the sites and blogs that I keep track of regularly (I subsribe to about 25 feeds using bloglines).
Sources of latest information, usually on tech related topics, but got lots  of other things as well. Updated all the time and full of comments from all sorts of geeks.
Blogs by economists. The authors touch on much wider topics than just economics: arts, social sciences, politics, psychology, etc.
A few other feeds that got  interesting information from time to time.
Those are the main sources of my information (besides one or two other magazines and newspapers).
By the way, I’ll probably disappear in the blogging world for the coming month as I’m busy working on an econometric project and preparing for finals.

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