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Scenes from a Marriage (1973)

One of the best movies I’ve seen this year. It contains lots of truth about love and marriage. Like many aspects in life, it’s hard and often sad to face reality squarely. Here’s an article featuring something called Radical Honesty (that we should speak truth at all times), though I don’t think it’s the best way to live. Knocked Up is another recent movie that I find enjoyable. It also gives a special perspective on relationship. Tyler has a brief review on its philosophy.

秒速5センチメートル/5cm per second

If Ingmar Bergman’s movies confront me with the bare reality, Shinkai Makoto’s anime takes me to a world of fantasies. It’s full of the ideal type of longings and loneliness that people like to immerse themselves in, and it’s so beautiful that I want to deceive myself and live in those worlds. Here’s my previous entry on Shinkai Makoto.

Scotland trip

Scotland’s a beautiful place with rich history. Two of my favourite people, Adam Smith and David Hume, were from Scotland. I especially like the open fields and lakes. It’d be a good place to trek and do a backpacking trip. I will post some photos later.

The Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare’s Globe

It’s a play that portrays lots of different emotions. Hilarious and fun to watch throughout and at the same time left me with something to ponder. The acting was superb, and the characters fit their roles well. My sister couldn’t get her mind off the charming and handsome characters in the play.

LSE Public Lectures by Ian Ayres

I agreed with many things he said, and the lecture exceeded my expectation. I’m going to read his new book Super Crunchers.

Musical: The Sound of Music

The music and the props are ‘a few of my favourite things’.

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 1. Internship ended. Consistent with my previous reflection, the internship at GS was one of the best working experiences I’ve had so far. I enjoyed myself throughout the period: lots of conversations with interesting people, access to all kind of resources to learn about things that fancy me (not necessearily related to my work), earning good money, and not to mention all the chocolates and sweets provided by our family-like teammates.  But whether I’ll take up an offer in that position is a different story as there’re factors I find more imporant.
2. IV’s coming on Monday, and my sister’s visiting this Wednesday, which means foods, musicals, parks, sightseeing, galleries, musuems, conerts, and more foods — Should be great fun.
Important things to do before they arrive:
a. Read, read, read — don’t think I can get much work done after their arrival, and I probably wouldn’t want to.
b. Exercise as much as possible to prepare for the likely scenario of massive dining out.
c. Sort out job offers, housing, and travel plans to Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Shanghai.

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