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Disappearance update

Instead of 4 hours workweek, I’ve been clocking in 90+ hours, 7 days a week over the past two weeks and most likely in the coming weeks. But the work has been quite enjoyable since I’m working on my new baby Malaysia. My lifestyle haven’t changed much. I still maintain daily econ reading, exercise, and chat, but do less leisure reading, drawing, writing and basketball on weekend. Recent movies I got but haven’t watched include Slumdog Millionarie,
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Rachel Getting Married, Let the
Right One in, and several other Japanese movies and dramas. I’ll have to rethink my schedule and figure out more efficient ways to use my time so I’d enjoy my books and movies.

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Assort Links

Talent vs. deliberate practice. I’m a believer of effort, but as the article points out, we don’t really know what determines motivation.

Recession can lead to more romance.  And it can change our way of living.

Lots of good podcast from my Alma mater. Clay Shirky on social organization, Danny Quah on China, Aghion on growth, and earlier Ed Glaeser on cities. The Q&A session might be more interesting for those who already familiar with the topics. Danny Quah remains one of my favorite professors. I wish I’d taken more courses with him back then. 

David Leonhardt on time inconsistency here and here.

Charlie Rose with Gopnik and Updike. I admire good writers and find them mysterious, partly because I don’t write well. I should read more fictions. 

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I’ve been busy trying to cook up research
ideas on Malaysia. Besides lagging clear ideas, digging up industry
level data that could be used to test my hypotheses is a pain. Perhaps
I’d pick up Malay to get access to more local sources. But that’s a long-term goal. For now, I’ll have to dream up a draft over this lovely weekend.

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