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Taiwan trip

The F4 (Funny 4 + a pretty ghost) had a week-long vacation in Taiwan, doing stupid things and eating non-stop as usual. Below are some notable memories.

-Got a hip hair cut at 西門町 right after I landed, not used to it and returned to the old-fashion economist look the following day
-Surveyed the night life in Taiwan, seems like there are roughly equal numbers of attractive guys and girls
-Learn that the term 敗犬 – unmarried girls over 30 without boyfriends and kids – is widely used in Taiwan
-愛情たっぷりともっと美味しい(refers to fat duck and pigs)
-Played a birthday song for Panit with a missing note (score’s fault); the melody never to be forgotten (魔音) at night and in the morning
-Traveling around Tainan on bicycle, stopped every 10 minutes or so for food (棺材板, dan dan mian, pudding, yogurt, 蝦捲, etc.)
-Learn a bit about Taiwan history (ie. Who’s 鄭成功)
-Won a vegetable juice from Panit in a game center, but used it on telecom services instead
-Stupidly forgot my stuffs in Tainan’s hotel and went back to get it after a quick cost-benefits analysis
-A bit surprise about how 冷清 高雄 is and empirical evidence suggest that most young people do not shop or dine out but spend their time in the park
-Embark on a "discover 小林" journey
-Had a meal with my mom, sister, and her writer husband and bought one of the books he wrote
-Become more fond of cats after reading and learning more about them in a cat cafe
-無聊的小幸福 – 師大前自行車女 & MRT藝術小桂

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