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New Year resolutions usually don’t last, and most people return to life as usual by February. This is not as depressing as it sounds. End-year provides a good opportunity to reflect and New Year resolution is more a by-product of the changes we want to make. The best way to make changes is to alter our habits, and developing/changing habits can start anytime. So if things don’t work out in January, maybe try again in February in different ways.  I find it easier to change thing one at a time than all at once, so it makes more sense to space out changes we want to make throughout the year.

I don’t have many ambitious goals this year (to achieve anything significant would likely require more than a year anyway). If I can form a few good habits sometime during the year, I’d be happy.

Below is a video summary of Charles Duhigg’s book on habit, and Alex Tabarrok’s review here.

More on New Year resolutions and the time it takes to form habits.

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The global economy might not be doing well, but the Wanderer’s internal world remains bright and hopeful. The Wanderer will continue to live life to its fullest. This year’s theme is depth over breadth: to focus on a few important things and to do them well before attempting the others. Same principle applies to relationship.

2009 Roadmap

Stay healthy, maintain my little sunshine fingertips, and avoid 還我師師拳.

Exercise: daily push-up and sit up, jog at least once a week, work out and stretch twice a week, basketball once a month, and continue to walk everywhere.

Food: limit dessert to weekend and with friends only, continue to eat healthy and use meals to catch up with people.

Finance: spend prudently to expand opportunity set and to focus on important things; continue to track and balance budget on a quarterly basis; gradually improve my quality of living and later this year start looking for a better den that is more private and can accommodate more friends and animals.

Career: be the best in the field with quality research and good work attitudes; aim to learn something, add value, and act professionally on a daily basis; learn economic concept by heart: set 5 hours per week to
learn/review economics through textbooks, journals, reports in addition to blogs.

Personal: set 4 hours per week to brush up my Japanese and maybe learn Chinese Ping Ying and a secret language; reflect and write regularly and aim to blog at least once week; draw at least once a month; continue to read widely, keeping in mind quality over quantity; watch movies, concerts, and dramas with
spare time.

Work hard to make BD Co. Ltd. prosper and appreciate in value: DDYBBL – 幸せになる

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Stay Strong

Reading a friend’s blog reminds me of various things in life. Seeing friends pursuing their dreams (writing novel, starting and running business, etc.), learning to deal with life, and facing adversity while still helping and supporting others, I want to be become stronger too.
Today’s resolution: Work hard and stay strong and positive for both myself and my friends.

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My Way

Life’s like a game. Society has rules that reward certain activities and penalize others. Whether I like it or not, my decisions are influenced by these rules. So how do I know whether what I want is really what I want, not what the society imposes on me?  I guess there is no way to distinguish them since I’m in the system. I don’t hate the rules, at least not all of them. Many of them probably exist to serve certain purposes, and perhaps these rules/conventions/social pressure/laws are what make civilization possible.


I can’t change the game nor the effects society has on me, but I can choose how I want to play it and to what extent it can influence me. Everyone else is in this game and follows the same system, so the way I choose to play this game will make my life different from others’. It is hard to say to what extent I’m consciously living the way I want, but I’ll strive to be conscious of how I play this game and decide for myself the way I want to play it in order to live a life that I think suit me best.



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