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Sun shines during the day
Moon smiles in the night
With light in our hearts
And dreams in our hands
We bridge all the gaps.

PS: Added color version (31 May)



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Are we looking at the same sky

Sharing the same dream?

Are we hearing the same sound

Feeling the same breeze?

If we were in the same room

Would I recognize you?

If we talk

Would our words reach each other?

Even if we’re world apart

We might still be able to connect

The farthest distance is in the mind

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This earth occupies an infinitesimal space in the universe

I’m just one among billions of people in this world

And the time I live in is only a tiny segment in the entire history

So does another year matter?

Does what I did in the past year matter?

What I did, do, or plan to do

They’re like footprints on the sand

Will be washed away in a blink of eyes

Though tiny and insignificant

These footprints are seen by those

Who happen to live with me in this same time, in this same space

Whom destiny brought our lives together

A coincidence, a crossing of lives

So short and so insignificant in the eyes of the world, the universe, and time

Yet it’s everything I have

I’ll continue leaving footprints

When they become meaningful to people around me

My walk in this world will have meaning as well

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Today I was invited to a Christmas lunch in a British family’s house.  The host family was nice and prepared lots of traditional foods. We had wine, turkey, vegetables and potatoes, Christmas pudding, coffee and cake. The long lunch ended with the queen’s speech on TV.  It seems like this is an important tradition for the British family.

Since I was too full to do anything after I came back home, I gave up the thoughts of studying and decided to do something I haven’t done for a long time.  I plugged in my tablet and started drawing with my com while listening to Nagashima’s 雪の華 for the rest of the day. My drawing skill is getting worse since I haven’t practiced for some time; nevertheless, I enjoyed the activity and think it is a good way to spend my Christmas.  This Christmas’s simple and quiet with few people around (the street’s almost empty when I went out today), but instead of feeling lonely, I feel serene and appreciate the quietness.  It’s a good time to reflect on my life, remember my friends and family, and think about what I want to do in the future.

Wish everyone reading this blog a merry christmas.

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