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Begin Again

Begin Again – Music and New York, from the director of Once.


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Searching for Sugar Man – an amazing documentary. It shows how luck plays an important role in life. The story is consistent with studies that found that luck plays a part in determining music popularity and labor market outcomes.


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I just watched a nice Japanese movie called ‘Swing girls’. It talked about a group of teenage girl who initially lives a boring life without sustained interest in anything but later discovered their passion in jazz and work their way to form a successful band. Although the movie is unrealistic in many ways, like how quickly the girls learn to play the instruments, I enjoy the music in the movie, and it conveys how passion can arise naturally and how good it feels to be working hard in doing something one love. Watching the movie made me want to play my saxophone, but too bad I don’t have my instrument with me, or I’ll probably wake everyone in my dorm up (it’s midnight after I finished watching the movie).

I admire people who’re passionate in something and work hard to perfect what they do. It’s not just the beautiful end results that the artists or professionals achieved, but the hard work and struggles they’ve overcome, which most people don’t see, that make these people charming. It’s sad for me to admit that so far I haven’t been able to put my whole heart into anything yet. Sometimes I feel I’m too conscious or rational and consider too many things, which prevent me from listening to my heart, enjoying the moment, or being passionate at a thing. But I don’t want to live a life without any passion, and I hope to be able to find something that I can put my whole self in; a drive so strong that I don’t have to consider any potential risks or losses that may involved.

Although I’ve been using the word, but I guess I don’t really know what passion is? Does it really exist? If yes, where does it come from? How do people become passionate in something? Why some people are more into something than others, and why some can have sustained passion while others can’t? Does everyone have something that he or she can become passionate about? Or can passion be developed? All these questions are still a puzzle to me.

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