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After leaving Singapore for nearly two years, I finally went back to meet up with people and revisit places I used to hang out. The city continues to impress me, but at the end it’s the friends there that made the trip memorable. As noted in the past, I don’t identify myself with any country, probably because I’ve lived in different countries at various stages of my life. Interestingly for someone with a maximizer tendency, I like most of the places I’ve lived (Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Japan, UK, and Singapore).

The trip prompted me to reflect on where do I want to live. Below are some criteria that would likely guide my future decisions.

-People: close to friends and has lots of interesting people
-Amenity: accessible to nature; basketball and hiking friendly a plus
-Convenience: good public transport; walkability is important and bicycle friendly a plus
-Environment: public safety and good air quality
-Work: opportunity; tax rates; supports variety ways of living
-Institutions: Good rule of law and no major censorship
-Kid: accessible to reasonable education; conducive environment to learn Chinese 
-Culture: accessible to museums, art and musical events a plus

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