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Here’s the result for my diet challenge:
Week 0: 70.5
End of Week 1: 69
End of Week 2: 68
End of Week 3: 68
End of Week 4: 66.5
End of Week 5: 66.3
April 1st: 64.1
There is not much change from my original strategies except some slight adjustments. My final daily checklist looks something like this:
1. No junk food, dessert (16) 2. No alcohol (3) 3. Drink lots of water before 9 pm 4. Eat enough protein 5. Eat small meals 6. Always use stairs (2) 7. Minimize sodium and canned food
The numbers in parentheses are the number of violations I had during the period. Those without parentheses are hard to quantify and act more like a remainder. Dessert appears to be my major problem, but most of the time I chose to have them and didn’t regret my choice.  I guess as long as I’m conscious about the amount I consume it’d be fine. Another notable change in my habit’s the use of stairs at all times. It adds substantially to my daily calories burning as I live on the 7th floor and the economic department at LSE’s located on the 6th floor.
Here’s menu of foods I typically choose from:
-Cereal (Muesli, Wheat Bran, Wholegrain Biscuit) with soymilk
-Green bean
-Fruit Yogurt
-Homemade sandwich (Soya bread/Wholemeal bread, lettuce, tomatoes, egg, turkey/beef slices)
-Fish (salmon/tuna/sardine/mackerel/cod/kipper/haddock)
-Various types of beans/Lentil
-Vegetables (Homemade salad/broccoli/cauliflower/spinach)
Other supplements (coffee, green tea, flaxseed, multivitamin, fish oil tablet)
From this experience, I believe that with enough discipline and some knowledge about metabolism, nutrition, and calories, losing weight is not too difficult (for me at least). But targeting a particular body part is much harder (my face only slim down a little toward the end). I’m probably not going to try harder to lose my facial fat, and I think 64kg’s too slim for my height (179cm) and I’d prefer increase it back to around 67kg (muscle of course). Since I achieved my goal, my plan from now on is to eat healthy and increase body weight gradually till I’m satisfied. Overall this is a fun experience and nice challenge. Now it’s time to go get a class of wine, enjoy the chocolate and healthy snacks Ivy and my sister brought me from US, and get myself ready for the next challenge.
PS: My friend/competitor’s progress didn’t go as smoothly as mine due to a various factors, a big one was she had a trip with her family and enjoyed lots of foods. I guess I’d do the same if I were in her position as one great pleasure from travel’s to try and enjoy new and delicious goods. Though I didn’t get to travel, I’m going to enjoy my meal.

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